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What They’re Saying

One of the publishing guides recommends having at least 10 early readers of the manuscript. By importuning family, friends, and colleagues, I’m up to five. Taking offense when I pointed out the misspelling of her subject’s name in a just-published story, Number Six told me to fuck off, she was tired of my passive-aggressive shit, and sent the manuscript back, unopened, in its original envelope.

A made-up blurb could be a better bet:

Electrifying details, steamy passages, and gassy talk fill this commanding work of automotive history.

Daily Blade of the True West
Top of page: Gas gauge in Thomas Edison’s garage. Above: His battery charger.

A wise literary agent says the endorsements should be from well-known people. (OK, I figured as much.) I’m casting my line out into the Sea of Cover Blurbs, hoping to land a whale. Meanwhile, please consider these remarks:

I have to say it is very well written, and I enjoyed learning about so many vehicles that were produced, especially in the early days of the automobile. I really like your Foreword that offers a nice human story about the author. I think it helps your entire work. And further, I appreciated the way you provide a personal-interest background story on many of the auto founders or producers, which makes their efforts come to life in a very unique way.

Uncle Chuck Tillotson, who once rolled over into an Iowa ditch in his ’53 Ford after getting clipped at a cornfield intersection
1900 Locomobile Stanhope used by Thomas Edison as a testbed for battery power, a flivver if ever there was one

The scope is impressive! Your research seemed thorough and I dug the pop culture references throughout. I don’t think the manuscript was too “cubic-inchy” at all … Overall, the manuscript flowed well and was easy to read, comprehend, and appreciate.

Yoav Gilad, transportation design graduate, real estate investor, and car collector
Edison’s 1914 Detroit Electric brougham, similar to the car that Clara Ford drove

It’s fascinating. I will say that I really enjoyed it and learned a lot of things that I did not know. Your writing style is energetic and informal, which I like and suspect that your target customers will too … Certainly a massively complex history to piece together!

Professor X, Famous Art College (more to come)
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