A TV ad saying next to nothing about the car excels because of a mutt

Despite the rule of thumb that a TV commercial should show the car and mention a key feature as the selling point, and state a claim for the car such as Consortium of Connecticut Parents Safest Car, my current favorite ad is “Chewy.”

Making me laugh every time, this sweet story shows a man’s reluctance being neutralized by a stray dog that’s been hanging out near a Dumpster. It appears to be a Los Angeles location because of the ficus trees at the curb, but we can’t pin it down because the street, sidewalk, and even alleyway are blisteringly clean, and not a single tramp is in sight.

Dad and his two children abduct the dog–that is, they “keep” him.

The following scenes include a few glimpses of the Hyundai Tucson, but we learn nothing except that it’s a lifestyle accessory that lasts. As the result, we could care less about the Tuscon but are captivated by Chewy the dog and how he wins dad’s heart, especially without being checked over by the vet and given some vaccines.

At the next level, I like the family’s midcentury-modern house and would prefer to know about its own features.

The relationship between man and dog develops over the next 70,906 miles. Then a gag closes things out: Dad and Chewy in matching sweaters in the front row. Hilarious!

I also approve of the upbeat lounge music that goes with it all.

On the first several viewings (during football games), my takeaway was “Hyundai,” but I couldn’t remember which nameplate because of trying to think of what other dog Chewy makes me remember.

In this ad by Innocean USA, of Huntington Beach, the father is portrayed by Giovanni Bejarano.

Entering the ad with the final voiceover, Hyundai spokesman Jason Bateman intones, “When it comes to lasting relationships, we’re thinking of every mile. The new Hyundai Tucson. It’s your journey.”

According to The Drum, “Chewy” was the number-one most effective ad back in September. And it keeps on being marvelous. Here’s hoping that in the follow-up, the family gets a mom.

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