My 2022 fave is this vintage Chrysler in action near Desert Hot Springs

My favorite picture of 2022 catches this ’37 Chrysler Airflow in motion a few minutes after daybreak on May 31. Tony Burke and Steve Enneking were in the car. There I was behind the creosote bush as they came over a low crest, and the chassis is still settling. The lustrousness of the paint and chrome is evident in the right places; headlamps are blazing away. There seems to be an air of expeditiousness as well as mystery about this “arrival in California” shot. It’s a moment that would be impossible to reproduce.

As previously explained, we were out there in the desert just east of my town, Desert Hot Springs, for video to be used in a Danish documentary series that’s scheduled for broadcast in mid-March. Rumor is the Airflow is right in the opening sequence of the trailer. There’s also a tracking shot, quite stirring, taken with an aerial drone. It’s good stuff, and I was lucky to be part of it. The above photo and a few others are what I got to take away from that morning.

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