Ghostly Floatsy: A concrete mixer muddles along among mudstone mountains and deep political secrets

What happened is this: After aliens built a secret underground highway between Roswell and Area 51, they abandoned this concrete mixer at a random point, just to throw off the earthlings.

That random point turns out to be along Utah 24 near Caineville.

The Fremont River comes burbling out of Capitol Reef National Park and flows eastward in a narrow valley, supporting fields of alfalfa and the unincorporated community of Caineville.

Aliens were drawn to this part of Wayne County, Utah because of the uranium deposits, which made them feel right at home. Experts at Utah universities suggest the aliens may even have wrangled the concrete mixer to the surface through a uranium mineshaft.

An even more exotic claim was made in a scholarly paper by J. Nesselsmith-Jeppson, a professor at Bonneville Flats Technical University, who asserts that in the summer of 1963, a college student named Joe Biden spent three weeks working underground with other idealistic volunteers under supervision of the aliens and may have ridden in or even driven this very truck.

Before fleeing Planet Earth upon project’s completion, the aliens spray-painted “69” on the truck’s water-system shroud as a decoy suggesting it was just local folks giving a nod to their favorite activity.

Then the aliens drew their secret spiraling symbol, which is recognized and discussed in secret rituals throughout Utah.

Waking from an induced mind-fog and finding a humbug upon the landscape in the grotesque shape of this concrete mixer, the people of Caineville figured they had been played and opened disabling fire on the cab of the truck lest the ghost driver try another move.

As near as I can tell, we’re looking at a White 9064 from the 1960s.

More of the history and specifications of the 9064 is sought. White Motor Co., of Cleveland, billed itself as “World Leader in Heavy Duty Trucks.”

A precise timeline of aliens’ construction activity has proved elusive to establish, but if I’m close on the truck’s vintage, then we know that, by the mid-sixties, the aliens completed their work on the Roswell-to-Area 51 underground highway.

Here’s hoping Biden and other of his confreres will soon open up and tell what they know.

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