A ’49 Buick reposes in the sun within view of the Navajo Twins

Like last Tuesday’s Chevy truck, this 1949 Buick reposed within sight of Navajo Twins in Bluff, Utah. Whereas the truck is still working every day, bearing advertising signs for the Twin Rocks cafe and gallery, the Buick is merely sunning itself and trying to charm those people passing by.

As a friend wisecracked, “It must have broken down on the way to the restoration shop.”

It has to be a ’49 Super. That was the first year for Ventiports. (The Roadmaster boasted four ports to the Super’s three.) The Super sedan was priced at $2,157 and was Buick’s bestseller, with 131,514 units produced.

The next year, Buick went overboard with a “bucktooth” grille and Dagmar bumper guards–and sales were great!

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