A full dose of ‘About Ronald’ as I guest on an episode of the ‘Horsepower Heritage’ podcast

Maurice Merrick asked me to be a guest on his Horsepower Heritage podcast, and the episode has posted. It’s just over an hour long.

I talked a lot about growing up around the speedways of eastern Nebraska and western Iowa and how my father expatiated (thinking out loud) about technical issues when I was eight. I knew more about engine camshaft profiles than most kids!

Another part of the episode is about a couple of my favorite stories that I wrote for the late and much-lamented Automobile Magazine.

I haven’t yet worked up the nerve to listen to this episode, but a brave friend did and reports that he laughed a couple of times. If you’re at a loss this weekend for something to do, maybe you’ll give it a try. On the HH homepage, you have to scroll down through newer episodes to find mine, which is titled “Ronald Ahrens: Confessions of a Car Guy,” and goes with a photo of my father’s stock car racer. 

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