Ancient Chevy truck imparts that flivver feel at Navajo Twin rocks

On our vacation in the Four Corners area, we stayed in Bluff, Utah, which is nicely located amid the region’s attractions. Bluff has a convenience store with gas, an elementary school, a laundromat, and the Twin Rocks cafe and gallery that we see advertised on this hard-working Chevy truck. The gallery is first-rate. The restaurant was also quite good and saved us on several occasions from our own cooking.

I couldn’t resist this truck. It is hard to determine the model year, but we do find the six-cylinder engine that was introduced in 1929. It has a steel cab. The slotted steel wheels only show up in my reference book for 1935, but by then the front styling of Chevy trucks had changed, so these wheels must have been available earlier.

Help in determining the precise age and model type is welcome. But it doesn’t seem outrageous to claim that its centennial is rapidly approaching.

It’s encouraging to look over this old rig, which has been sitting in the sun for Lord knows how long, and see that it’s all there and could perhaps be made to run in short order. Arranging a proper place for the driver and passengers to sit might be as big a task as any.

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