Location scouting for Danish television in advance of filming a historic American Automobile

Devotion to the American automobile once again leads to something good.

For a new documentary that’s in production, I’m informally assisting the Danish national broadcasting service, known as DR, in the filming of a key driving shot with a historic America automobile. More details are to come in a few days, when the car arrives at my desert hideaway.

Already, I’ve done some location scouting, and this morning, DR producer Karin Brøgger and I were out for another look at those locations. In Karin’s photos, you see my hot rod, a VW Jetta Sportwagen, acting as the dummy model for her lighting and landscape studies.

Stéphanie Surrugue, international correspondent for DR, is set to host “Danskere I verden” (“Danes in the World”), the ambitious multi-part series that will air in 2023. Before coming to the desert, Karin was with Stéphanie and a DR crew in Hollywood last week doing related filming. (See Stéphanie’s Instagram posts from Tinseltown.)

The director of the sequence is back in Denmark but has already seen the pictures and said, “Åh min gud!” It translates as, “Oh, my God!”

So we may be on to something.

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