Del Wood, a regular performer in the Grand Ole Opry, wrote “Flivver Song”

Flivver Song by Del Wood

A boy and girl were seated

In a little Henry Ford.

They holding hands and kissin’

Don’t you see?

Makin’ love in a cow pasture

Like boys and girls will do

(And that ain’t no bull)

When the price of gas went up to forty-two.

Oh, will you love men when my carburetor’s busted?

Will you love me when I cannot shift my gears?

Will you love me when my spark plugs, they have rusted

And my tail lights dim, while you shed bitter tears?

Will you love me when my tires need recapping’

And my inner tubes have lost their self-respect

When my radiator’s leaking’

And my fenders are a-squeakin’

Will you love me when my flivver is a wreck?

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