The reviews are in after the launch of my new website and blog

Since launching this website and blog a few days ago, I’ve had a number of comments.

So far, no one has told me to fuck off, as reported on the What They’re Saying page. About the worst that’s come in is from a collector of Studebakers, who says, “Not entirely sure what to make of this.”

Well, it ought to be pretty obvious unless … had he never seen a ’54 Merkle Subatom MC2 Sport before?

“Once on a used car lot in Brooklyn back in ’61, I think.”

Top: Hummer EV “Revolutionary World Premier,” featuring “Immigrant Song” by Karen O., Trent Reznor, and Atticus Ross. Above: ’54 Merkle Subatom MC2 Sport.

On the other hand, my lifelong friend, Teri B. Spires, the cute girl in geography class freshman year, says, “I really like it! I love the drawings, the song lyrics, the definitions. It brings along the non-car people like me. I would read that book even if I didn’t know and love you.”

Why should my website be like those of other writers? For one thing, launching this site gives me the opportunity to reveal some things that people didn’t know about me and my background and qualifications, as well as things about the American automobile. These things could perhaps be considered as unique selling points.

One of them is that I can draw a little bit, although it’s so hard and frustrating that I seldom do. And I’m lazy. Yes, I would’ve shown more spark if there had been a commercial market for this stuff. Anyway, sometimes it’s the best way to express myself.

What others say:

Your writing is engaging and the website looks great. I think this will be a perfect way for you to impart all of your auto knowledge! You’ve got this! — Peggy Tate Smith, Connecticut

You had me at “louche” and “expatiation.” — Bob Keeley, South Carolina

Enjoyed every page, and chuckled a few times reading “What They’re Saying.” Congratulations! I have always enjoyed your writing. You are a talented writer. So I’m driving to the store this morning and getting tailgated by this. Thought about your sample passage and laughed out loud! — Gary Fong, Bumper Communications, Georgia

More than three tons of Hummer in the mirror. 😟
This Hummer escaped the wrath of the ELF 20 years ago.
Photo by Gary Fong, Bumper Communications

Fantastic! I love the sample chapter. — C.F., California

Du er dygtig! — Toni Meidl Avina, of California, who uses Danish to say, “You’re good.”

Great passage choice to get a flavor (flivver) of the book. –A.S., Tennessee

I checked out everything on your site, and it’s marvelous. Your cartoons have been favorites of mine for a long time. I’ll buy your book and give copies to my friends, and I will enjoy reading it immensely. But I’ve always liked your writing. This is no surprise–it will be fun to settle in and read your book as I wind down in the evening, and look forward to picking it up the next day. Good stuff! You’ve made a strong presentation. I expect the book will not disappoint. –Kristen Cart, blogging partner on Our Grandfathers’ Grain Elevators

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