Behind The Story on my cover car, a Ford roadster at El Mirage dry lake

“Those guys are thrilled, because over the last 10 years, that car has picked up three-tenths of a second.”

So quipped a knowledgeable friend, Larry Crane, when I showed him the photo that’s now chosen as the cover for this website supporting “The American Automobile from Flivver to Furious.”

I got the shot in May of 2013 during a Southern California Timing Association meet at El Mirage dry lake. The car didn’t run because, as we see in the image, a sandstorm was just starting, causing the program’s cancellation.

SCTA archived records show no result for Car Number 66 for that day. Any help with background information on the car–which sure looks like a ’32 Ford roadster–would be welcome.

What I like about the picture is, with the course disappearing into clouds of sand, and with the mountain ridge in the background, the car is presented with infinite possibilities.

And in the council of three veterans, there’s enough wisdom to make it all happen.

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